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There’s a New Action Camera in Town

Looking for a GoPro alternative? Colorado Parent tech expert and father of three Kirk Yuhnke shares his experience with the small but mighty Insta360 GO camera.

We all know GoPro is king when it comes to action cameras. It was among the first to cram an HD camera into a small package. Thing is, there are some awesome alternative options that have more features and are even smaller than a GoPro. The new Insta360 GO may be the perfect family action camera for just $200. I took it for a test with my family.

First and foremost, the Insta360 GO is tiny. Weighing just 18.3 grams, it’s hard to imagine they could pack all of these camera smarts into such a tiny package, but they did. You can mount this camera almost anywhere. A magnetic necklace puts the camera right on your chest so it’s ready to shoot with the push of a button. You can also buy mounts for your car, your helmet, or your child’s bike.

What’s most impressive about the GO is the artificial intelligence and stabilization. Even running at full stride or skiing down the mountain results in perfectly smooth video. The GO’s built-in stabilization is among the best I’ve seen in an action camera. It also detects the best moments to help you quickly and easily edit together a cool highlight video.

The Insta360 GO is designed to shoot better video and make editing that video on your phone an easy and painless process. It’s a great way to create epic videos of your next family vacation or adventure, and it’s the smallest high-end action camera yet. For the price, I think the Insta360 GO is worth consideration before you automatically grab the GoPro.

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