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TikTok to Limit Screen Time for Children & Teens

In the next few weeks, TikTok will be setting a 60-minute daily screen time limit for accounts belonging to users under the age of 18. When the limit is reached, teens will be prompted to enter a passcode in order to continue watching. At the end of each week, teen users will receive an email with a recap of their screen time.

For those in the under 13 experience, users will also be set to 60 minutes, and a parent or guardian will need to set or enter an existing passcode to enable 30 minutes of additional screen time.

We all know how easy it is to get lost in a TikTok scroll, so if you’re wanting to set a limit for yourself, you will soon be able to do so. Users will be able to create customized screen time limits for each day of the week and set a schedule to mute notifications. And to make sure you’re getting in that extra shut eye, TikTok will begin rolling out sleep reminders, allowing users to plan when they want to be offline at night. When the time is reached, users will receive a pop-up notification that will let them know it’s time to log off. 

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