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8 Expert Tips for Picky Eaters

Is your child a picky eater? Encourage your kiddo to try new foods with these helpful tips from a registered dietitian.

Our family likes to eat out but our child won’t eat anything beyond mac and cheese or chicken nuggets, which limits our restaurant choices. How can we help her expand her horizons so we can go to new places?  

Torie Silverstone, MS, RD, CSP, registered dietitian and certified specialist in pediatric nutrition at Children’s Hospital Colorado, shares the following tips for parents:

Picky eating is common, and, oh, the battles surrounding it can be frustrating for both parents and kids. Helping your child expand their palate is a process of regular exposure to a variety of familiar and unfamiliar foods. The key is to support your child as they approach new foods on their own terms, so they don’t feel scared by it.

Tips to Introduce New Foods:

Try this at a restaurant: Your child has ordered chicken nuggets. When the plates come out, place one spoonful of salmon or salad, for instance, from a parent’s plate onto your child’s plate. Don’t ask your child to take a bite. Just serve the food, ignore any whining and enjoy the meal.

This process is slow. Repeat daily and your child will eventually become comfortable with different foods. Then your family can enjoy new cuisines together.

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