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Tips for Talking to Kids About Puberty

Is it time to talk to your child about puberty? Follow these expert tips to help conversations about the topic go more smoothly for both you and your child.

I’m a single parent, and it’s time to talk to my child of the opposite sex about puberty. I feel awkward talking about body parts and processes I can’t relate to. How do I provide my child with information without freaking us both out?

Katie Godfrey—licensed marriage and family therapist, child and family team coordinator at The Catalyst Center—shares the following tips for parents:

Before you do anything else, settle your fears around the topic. If you are stressed, your child will think that puberty is something to be scared or ashamed of. Remember, we all have bodies, go through puberty, and are sexual creatures. As parents, we often talk about things we have not personally experienced, such as an unfamiliar sport, musical interest, or school research project. This is no different! Consider these points so that conversations about puberty can go more smoothly.

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