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Top Spots to Slide

Got a little thrill seeker at home? Burn off some of their energy and totally wow them by spending a late fall afternoon whizzing down one of these local slides.

Playground Treasures
Christy Schaefer, a mother of three from Erie and founder of the family activity blog, asked her kids to share their favorite slide rides near Denver. They suggest:

Most Epic Height
Twin Silo Park in Fort Collins wins this honor. Between two 48-foot-tall silos, a tall and twisty slide takes kids from the top two-thirds of one silo down to the bottom of the second silo. As if that was not amazing enough, the slide has a motion sensor to trigger lights and sounds as you sail to the bottom. Truly epic!

Indoor Slides Galore
If the weather is cold and wet, head to the world’s first indoor slide park, Slick City, which opened in Lakewood over the summer. The 40,000-square-foot facility features slides reaching heights up to 25 feet tall—a daredevil’s dream. Kids can zoom down the race slide with up to four of their friends, get dizzy going down the bowl slide, or be propelled into a foam pit after gliding down the launch slide.

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