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Treat Yourself Parents

A parent’s job is very unique. With no sick day or PTO, they are constantly on the clock. Their importance simply can’t compare to anything else. The pressure can easily get to anyone, but parents are expected to remain cool and steady for the sake of their children. Through sickness, through difficulties, and through anything else a parent’s main focus oftentimes remains on their children. 

When it comes to school, the same thing can happen. They run around making sure their child has all of the supplies that they need in order to do their best. Every year though, there are two times in particular when a parent puts forth a lot more effort for their children. That is spirit week during homecoming and prom. For parents who have had children go through these weeks, they can understand just how much planning it can take. You have to take them to the store to get any sort of trinket or supplies for their costume ideas as well as dress and suit shopping if they are going to the big dance. Not to mention, staying up late the night of the dance to make sure they make it home safe.

Well, parents, you should treat yourselves during this time as well. You can’t escape it so join in and be creative. Remember back to your own childhood. Take this time to spend it with them. Don’t just drive them to places or give them money to do whatever they want. Engage with your children and have a spirit week of your own. As your kids grow older, graduate college, or get a full time job, finding time to hang out with them becomes increasingly difficult. So, while they are here, treat yourself by treating their spirit week as your own time to laugh and create memories with your children. As a parent, you don’t get paid in cash. You get something even better in the laughs, the memories, the love, and one day hopefully grandchildren.

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