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Trick-or-Treating Without Adults

Kids go through many rites of passage throughout childhood. There is the first time they go to school and leave parents behind for several hours per day. Another rite is sleeping over at a friend or family member’s house or even summer camp. Still another may be being allowed to attend a movie alone with a friend. Small rites of passage signify a child is getting older and is ready for more responsibility and trust. Such may be the case when parents conclude that their children are ready to engage in Halloween fun without an adult chaperone.

There is no set age when a child can walk around the neighborhood trick-or-treating unattended. Just as with other tests of responsibility, such as staying home alone or being able to ride bikes with friends, it is up to parents to gauge their youngsters’ readiness. Halloween for older children often is less about candy and more about hanging out with friends. Therefore, parents probably needn’t worry that their kids will be traveling solo since a large group of children will likely be visiting homes together. Many parents find that anywhere between ages 11 and 13 are good times to let their children go trick-or-treating with friends. However, this decision may be based on several factors.

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