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Valentines day party ideas
Photo: Kara Thompson

How to Pull Off a Crush-Worthy Valentine’s Day

Make February extra sweet by planning an at-home celebration.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be limited to just romantic candlelight dinners—it’s also the perfect time to show your kids how much you adore them. Whip up some treats together, create festive Valentine’s Day goodie bags to share with family and friends, then host a small soiree in the comfort of your own home. We’ve dreamed up four crafty ways you can scatter the fun throughout the month. Super-parent status here you come!

Cupid’s Countdown

Build anticipation for the big day by making your own countdown board with small brown bags, clothespins, wooden numbers, string, and construction paper. We also used flattened cupcake wrappers and heart-shaped doilies to add different shapes and colors to the mix.

Once you and your little ones have finished crafting, fill each bag with small candies or notes that reveal what you love most about them. Leave the biggest surprise—like a voucher for a date night with mom or dad, a small toy, or a cute piece of jewelry—for them to find on Valentine’s Day.

Valentines day party ideas
Photo: Kara Thompson

Dainty Desserts

Surprise your kids by serving up some sweets for them to snack on as you work on valentines for friends. Dip wafer cookies or marshmallow crispy treats in pink candy melts, use a mold to make chocolate lips, and spill conversation hearts and other candies on top of a serving tray.

Valentine's day party ideas
Photo: Kara Thompson

Hugs and Kisses Tic-Tac-Toe

Challenge your kids to a Valentine’s tournament. Purchase an unfinished tic-tac-toe board (ours is from Hobby Lobby), then spray paint the X’s and O’s in two different shades of pink. You can also craft your own out of paper or cardboard.

Valentine's day party ideas
Photo: Kara Thompson

Silly Sweetheart Valentine Collectors

These kooky love bug, bird, and monster bags are easy to assemble and customize. Ask kids to draw out their vision for each bag, then help them glue or tape googly eyes, paper, and pipe cleaner (or whatever they please) to each.

Then, bag up some treats and make your own Valentine’s Day cards before placing them inside each goodie bag. When you’re all done, drop them off on your friends’ front porches.

Valentine's day goodie bags
Photo: Kara Thompson
Valentine's day goodie bags
Photo: Kara Thompson

3 Clever Valentine’s Day Drawings + Notes

Draw: A robot
Write: I’m nuts and bolts for you!

Draw: A fortune cookie
Write: I’m so fortunate that you’re
my friend!

Draw: A fish
Write: You’re fin-tastic!

Cake Crush

Score some one-on-one time with your kids by baking a four-layer cake full of heart. If you don’t have time to make your own, order one unfrosted from a local bakery, then whip up colorful frosting and decorate with the candy of your choice (we used heart-shaped gummies).

On the night of Valentine’s Day, serve your decadent dessert after you’ve shared a special dinner with your whole family.

Valentine's day party ideas
Photo: Kara Thompson

Candy Swaps

Not a fan of gummies? Add these tasty additions to your cake instead.
• Strawberries
• Conversation hearts
• Chocolates
• Sprinkles
• Jelly beans
• Piped frosting

Make Your Own Toppers

Cut X and O shapes from decorative paper and tape them to colorful straws. Stick them into the center of your cake. Voilà!

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