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Queen of Hearts cake and cookies
Photo: Kara Thompson.

Steal Your Child’s Heart With These Valentine’s Day Treats

The holiday just got even more magical.

Valentine’s Day calls for something sweet, and your little one will surely be lovestruck by these royal treats. Bring a sense of whimsy to the special day by baking your favorite goodies and jazzing them up with creative touches.

Queen of Hearts Cake

Delight your kids with a character from the classic story, Alice in Wonderland. To create this regal cake, bake (or purchase) a red velvet bundt cake. While the cake is in the oven, adhere a small paper-mache sphere to a wooden dowel (¼” diameter). Draw a sweet or mischievous face—any emotion you would like—on the front of the sphere with fine point markers. Wrap two pipe cleaners around the dowel to serve as arms. Add hair by pinning black pipe cleaners to the top of her head, and freehand cut the crown from sparkly gold craft paper. Next, use an assortment of craft paper and lace doilies to make clothes (a white cupcake wrapper makes for the perfect collar). Wrap cellophane around the base of the wooden dowel and insert into the center of the bundt cake to stabilize. 

Tip: Roll craft paper to cover her pipe cleaner arms and wooden dowel neck. This step isn’t necessary but adds fun detail.

Playing card cookies
Photo: Kara Thompson.

Cards on the Table

The Queen of Hearts isn’t complete without her loyal card soldiers. Turn ordinary sugar cookies into her trustworthy companions by using a simple rectangular cookie cutter and shiny royal icing. Add the finishing touches with red and black decorating gel.

Enhance It

Use these ideas to kickstart a Queen of Hearts family game night. Prepare a special dinner complete with these desserts and a round of the card game, Hearts—or Slap Jack and Go Fish for little ones. 

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