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Are You Raising a VSCO Girl?

Here’s how to spot the latest trend among Gen Zers.

Move over millennials, there’s a new tribe in town, and they’re called VSCO girls. Named after the popular Instagram-like photo editing app, VSCO, the VSCO girl is the latest Gen Z “it” girl, and she’s taking over the internet—and possibly your home—with her laid-back surfer-girl meets ’90s vibe. Think you may be raising a VSCO girl? Here’s a basic breakdown of VSCO “must-haves” that’ll send your tween squealing (read: texting) “sksksksk” to all her friends.

Uniform: Brand names are everything to the VSCO girl. If your daughter’s back-to-school shopping list included a pair of Birkenstocks, Vans, or Crocs (complete with Jibbitz charms), then she may be channeling the VSCO trend. Casual crop tops, oversized graphic T-shirts, and sweatshirts are her jam, styled with high-waisted shorts or mom jeans, and topped off with puka shells (yes, you read that right)—the chosen jewels of a VSCO girl. She completes her signature, ready-for-the-beach-even-if-there’s-no-ocean-in-sight look with stacks and stacks of scrunchies and friendship bracelets.

Accessories: A VSCO girl never leaves home without her stainless-steel Hydro Flask water bottle (it’s her favorite accessory) and her Fjällräven backpack which totes her Carmex lip balm and Mario Badescu facial spray—to complement that no-makeup natural look she sports. Stickers are everything to a VSCO girl, and they’re stuck everywhere from her phone case to her Hydro Flask to her laptop. And don’t forget a Fujifilm Polaroid Camera to capture all her Insta-worthy moments and decorate her room.

Does she sound familiar? Just think: There are worse fads your daughter could be following from the internet (i.e. scary YouTube challenges), so ask grandma to buy her that expensive Fjällräven backpack and get your own Birks and scrunchies out of hiding, because our generations were the ones who really started these trends.

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