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What Do You Know About Denver’s Haunted History?

Take your kids on a spooky adventure around the city.

Looking for some spooky stories in time for Halloween? The Ghostly Tales of Denver by Shelli Timmons takes young readers on an eerie journey through the city’s haunted streets. Here are two popular spots that have gruesome vibes.

The Capitol’s Floating Head

Beware! At least one ghost calls the capitol building his home, and to make things even more chilling, he gets around with only his head. That’s right, the ghost’s haunted head floats through the hallways. The noggin supposedly belongs to one of the famous Espinosa brothers, who were known for committing frightful crimes in the 1800s. Some startled visitors claim you can see both of their heads bobbing through the hallways.

Hauntings at the Oxford Hotel

The Oxford was built in 1891, making it the oldest hotel in Denver, and one thing that we know for sure is that ghosts love old buildings. Head to the ladies’ room in the basement and you just might cross paths with one filthy ghost who has a scraggly beard and tangled hair. As soon as you scream, he’ll disappear! Even spookier: You can sometimes detect a ghost’s presence by smell. The Oxford is a non-smoking property, but if you stop by the ballroom, you might catch a whiff of cigar smoke when no one else is around. Legends claim that the aroma comes from lingering ghosts who break the rules.

Read more creepy stories in The Ghostly Tales of Denver. Ideal for kids ages 8-12. $13,

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