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Don’t doubt your child’s camp readiness. Eric Rightor, Avid4 Adventure senior manager of resident camps and director for the Mt. Evans program, says 95 percent of kids are ready. It’s more about building up your child’s confidence that they can do it.

Classic Blue. It’s the 2020 color of the year.
Love It:
Valentine’s Day felt crafts for kids.
Leave It:
 The old dinner-and-a-movie date night. We’ve got better ideas!
Can’t Wait:
There’s one extra day this month, and it’s a Saturday! Check our Calendar of Events for ways to spend the day.
You Said It:
“There’s a modern and western world thought that if we do everything ourselves, we are more virtuous or capable—that is baloney. If we ask for help it is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strategy.” —Lisa Canning, interior designer, HGTV contributor, author of The Possibility Mom, and mother to eight children all under the age of 10. 

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