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What We Learned: August 2021

Kids are resilient, but not as resilient as we think. For the little things, the everyday, the hurdles and challenges that come with growing up, they can rise to the occasion and bounce back. But the year we’ve all just experienced is more than that. Kids are struggling with academics, and mental and emotional health in the wake of a pandemic that adults are still struggling to navigate. Here you’ll find practical insight and expert advice to help you help your kids.


Hey gardening, make room, food foraging is growing in popularity. Read more here.

Love It

Looking for a special end-of-summer treat? Try this delicious Creamsicle ice cream pie.

Leave It

Period poverty leaves youth without pads and tampons needed to get through their cycles. Read about the teens working to increase access in Colorado.

Can’t Wait

It’s back-to-school time! Although school isn’t 100 percent back to normal, and will likely require flexibility, reintroducing kids’ routines is top on our list. Here are some tips to prepare kids for school.

You Said It

“My kids have confidence that they can do hard things, not because someone told them they could but because they’ve experienced it.” —Krista Muddle, a mom to nine-year-old Sebastian and six-year-old Ariella, on the benefits of her children’s martial arts lessons.

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