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Forty-six percent of 18- and 19-year-olds say they have a lot of unanswered questions about money, and feel “uncertain” and “nervous” when it comes to managing their finances, according to a survey by Experian.

Trending: Names that begin with A are topping the predictions for popular baby names in 2020.

Love It: These fun journals inspire kids and teens to write (or draw!).

Leave It: Time to boot theme-heavy kids rooms with costly single-stage furniture and accessories.

Can’t Wait: Few bustling cities make way for a herd of Longhorn cattle to parade downtown during the lunch rush. But Denver certainly does, and if you’ve never seen the National Western Stock Show Kick-Off Parade—this year on January 9—it’s a cowboy and cowgirl, horses and cows, tractors and marching bands good time, and it’s something you will never forget.

You Said It: “Put coins in [kids] hands. Let them see it. Let them play store and have lemonade stands so they understand the exchange of money for goods.” —Kevin Taylor, a financial advisor in Erie, on teaching kids about finances. 

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