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Photo: Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

10 Winter Crafts to Entertain Kids at Home

When the weather is too frightful to play outside, stay cozy indoors and make one of these crafts with your kids.

Let’s face it, winter days (although shorter) can seem to drag on and on when it’s too cold for kids to go outside and play. Before you hear the dreaded “I’m bored” groans, stock your craft drawer with supplies that’ll keep kids entertained (without screens) during long stretches at home. Crafts are a great hands-on activity to occupy kids during school days off, frigid weekends, and after-school play dates. Here are 10 crafts to make with kiddos this winter, many of which use items you already have around the house. 

1. Paper Roll Penguin

This cute craft is easy to make using just an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll and construction paper, plus it’s fun for kids to make and play with.

Photo: Easy Peasy and Fun

2. Popsicle Stick Snowman

These snowman, made with popsicle sticks and Duck Tape, serve double duty as seasonal decor.

duck tape craft
Photo: Duck Tape

3. Tied Blanket

This no-sew blanket keeps the family warm, and it’s a cozy craft to do together on a cold evening.

hygge tie blanket
Photo: Heather Gott

4. Oreo Penguins

These penguins are a delicious and fun way to spend the afternoon, using candy melts, sunflower seeds, and white fudge Oreos.

Photo: My Creative Life

5. Mason Jar Snow Globe

This beautiful snow globe is surprisingly easy to make, using a mason jar.

Photo: Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

6. Stained Glass Mittens

Bring some seasonal coziness into your house with this craft that takes inspiration from stained glass windows.

Photo: Kinder Craze

7. Juice Carton Owl Bird Feeder

This quick and easy craft uses juice or milk cartons to make a treat for feathery friends.

Photo: Red Ted Art

8. Snowman Pencil Holder

This craft makes a great desk decoration using household items.

Photo: Red Ted Art

9. Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes

Save those toilet paper rolls to make this simple winter craft that kids can hang on their walls.

Photo: Red Ted Art

10. Glass Rock Snowman Clips

Do you wanna build a snowman? You don’t need snow pants and gloves, or even snow on the ground to make these frosty guys.

Photo: Laura Kelly

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