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New Baby Must-Haves

It’s exciting to compile your baby registry, scanning cute and cozy sleepers, your dream stroller, and the perennial-favorite Boppy pillow. In this issue, we’re sharing seven things every baby needs that you won’t find in any boutique. From birth onward, these seven things will set a foundation for happy, confident children. Learn more about #1 sense of security, #5 self-expression, and the five other must-haves, in “The Mindful New Parent” in our special Everything Baby section.

From mindful to inspiring, our Mother’s Day feature introduces 12 Colorado moms who tell, in their own words, how they pursue their passions while raising their families. Their impact on local communities can be felt in everything from children’s television programming to state legislation.

If you are looking for ways to spend Mother’s Day or any beautiful late spring day, check out our picks for family-friendly patio dining, the roundup of budget-friendly sporting events, and our award-winning calendar of family events—there’s more than 160 this month. After all, as writer Christina Katz says in our Everything Baby guide, children need our presence more than they need our presents.

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