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What We Learned: August 2020

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Pivot, adjust, adapt, recalculate. Some days we just need a good laugh to get through all of this. Actress, mom, and Denver native Kristen Schaal (30 Rock, The Last Man on Earth), along with Denver kids entertainers Ann Lincoln and Jeff Kagan share their tips to bring more laughter into your home.


Back-to-school While nothing about school feels certain, kids will have schoolwork and will be doing at least part of it at home. Check out these tips for creating an organized homework space.

Can’t Wait:

We are looking forward to the day when we can enjoy all of the family-friendly businesses, attractions, and services in Colorado, pandemic-free. Until then, check out our 2020 Family Favorites winners. Find all the honorees here.

Love it:

Diversify your child’s toy box with these toys and books that celebrate differences.

Leave it:

Mask up and leave the house for a mini-adventure to Colorado’s Royal Gorge. It’s an amazing site that’s less than two hours from Denver.

You said it:

“A well-balanced breakfast is important because it means that a child is getting enough complex carbohydrates for energy, protein for blood sugar regulation and muscle strength, and enough healthy fats to keep them satisfied throughout the morning.”

—Nutritionist Sara Peternell, on building the best back-to-school breakfast. Find recipes here.

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