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What We Learned: July 2020

Try as we might, we can’t shield children from what is happening in the world around them. Recent events, and widespread access to the internet, have shown us that we need to be prepared to talk about the uncomfortable and even tragic.


No-bake treats. When it’s this hot outside, who wants to turn on the oven? Try these festive Fourth of July treats.

Love It:

Add another layer of sun protection when the kids go out to play. Check out the cute UV-blocking swimwear we found.

Leave It:

Put the paved roads behind you and give mountain biking a try. We’ve got a couple trails for all ages.

Can’t Wait:

Sharing a calendar of fun family events is a favorite part of what we typically do here at Colorado Parent. With just about everything closed for months, we’ve been missing the exciting activities at our favorite spots. Well, museums around Colorado are reopening. We’re excited to visit old friends and show them some love (and our fun new masks!).

You Said It:

“Racism is something that’s taught or learned through observation. This is your opportunity to build in your child a sense of what is right and wrong.”  —Zaneta Evans, a licensed professional counselor, the manager for Mental Health Center of Denver’s Healthy Living Program, and mother of three, speaking to the prepared to talk about the uncomfortable about race, prejudice, and diversity.

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