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What We Learned: October 2020

Things that inspired this issue, and what our editors discovered along the way.

Burnout is real, and not just for grownups. Kids are experiencing the same emotional and mental exhaustion from the stress of, well, 2020. Find tips to help your whole family manage and deal with this burnout here.


As if this year hasn’t been scary enough—a pandemic, September snow, virtual learning—now Halloween and trick-or-treating are upon us. Here are some tips for safer celebrations.

Love It:

Make spending another night at home feel a little more special with these cozy family-night-in goodies.

Leave It:

Use our annual Top Pediatricians list to leave behind the worry of finding the right health practitioners.

Can’t Wait:

We’re excited to visit one of the many Front Range farms and festival grounds to pick a pumpkin, navigate a corn maze, or just get that feeling of freedom that comes from the family roaming outside in the crisp fall air. Find our list of must-visit spots here.

You Said It:

“Wanting privacy doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something to hide. Secrecy may involve fear or shame. Privacy may mean a child just wants a boundary respected for something that is theirs alone.” —Suvi H. Miller, child and adolescent therapist.

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