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The Magic of a Cul-De-Sac

One dad’s memories of where the grass was greener, and his quest to get back to it.

Thumbs In!

One dad’s inner turmoil about his daughter’s self-soothing habit.

My Messy “Dad Fail”

Fatherhood is full of good intentions and major fails, and is often about learning…the hard way. Here, a Denver dad shares his memorable (and relatable) dad fail story.

The Vanishing Shoes

Family Memories Might be Priceless, but This One Cost 60 Bucks.

Modern Family Camper

Gone are this dad’s days of roughing it, and he’s perfectly happy about it.


Nurturers and Knuckleheads

Here's to the nurturers and the knuckleheads, each bringing a very important aspect to your child's life.



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